Scrap #6


I dream. A man with a meteorite dagger stands in front of me. Silently. Out of curiosity, I take my first step towards him and keep moving forward until I stop about 3 feet from him. Suddenly, he slashes my arm with his dagger. Read more?


Scrap #5


I was at a long blood-red corridor with no memory on why I ended up there whatsoever. I tried to walk pass the long corridor. And suddenly, I heard a sound of chimes. I kept on walking, and the sound felt closer. Read more?

Mood Scraps: Scrap #1

Hello, Everyone. Here I am, back in business. And I’m back with posting my scraps of mind, which I wrote starting in 2009. These scraps was written not as short story, essay, not even poem or poetry. Well, maybe it could be categorized as short prose. They don’t have titles, so I named them as #1, #2, #3, and so on.

My purpose on writing these scraps is actually to express these poppings out of my mind, as well as mood triggers for everyone else when they read them.

Well, let’s start. Read more?

What I Talk About When I Talk About G

First of all, I should remind you that the entry I am writing is about my girlfriend. Her name is Kharismalia “Gelly” Galelika. G is the nickname I gave her. She is my life.

The moment I met her for the first time is a bit funny. I was shooting a short film, and she was an extra character. She played a high school girl, one of the main character’s schoolmate. But to put it bluntly, her character had not much important at all, actually.¬†Though, in my life, apparently, she is the main character. Read more?