Scrap #11


Grandma asked grandpa, “I don’t like almond. Why do you like it so much? I mean, describe to me, what’s good about almond?”

Grandpa said to grandma, “Well, almond is like sex.”

She gasped. “What’s the connection between almond and sex?!” asked my grandma. Read more?


Scrap #10


“What if we never met, I never saw you crying in the rain, and you never had a fight with him? Would it be like this?” I asked. “Like what?” was her answer. “Having a one passionate night together, holding tight each other, warming a cold night together, enjoying a wonderful sex.” Read more?

Scrap #8


There was a Father who lived by a tree on a hill and had a cane made of oak that he kept staring on when it was dawn, and held it when the sun comes. One day, a bird flew down from the sky of the dawn, perched on the tip of his cane. Father looked at it deeply, emotionless. Suddenly, he said to himself “Is it time?” Read more?