Scrap #11


Grandma asked grandpa, “I don’t like almond. Why do you like it so much? I mean, describe to me, what’s good about almond?”

Grandpa said to grandma, “Well, almond is like sex.”

She gasped. “What’s the connection between almond and sex?!” asked my grandma.

“Nothing! It’s just an extreme allegory,” answered grandpa. “All I’m saying is that there are many things we can’t describe in words. You have to try it to know what it feels like. You have to taste almond to know why is it so good.”

“Like sex?”

“Yes, sex is good, isn’t it? So is this almond.”

“You old pervert! Do you want to cheat on me?”

“What the…”


“How could I cheat on you when I can barely even walk!?” asked grandpa.

Silence came with a taste of almond.



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