What I Talk About When I Talk About G

First of all, I should remind you that the entry I am writing is about my girlfriend. Her name is Kharismalia “Gelly” Galelika. G is the nickname I gave her. She is my life.

The moment I met her for the first time is a bit funny. I was shooting a short film, and she was an extra character. She played a high school girl, one of the main character’s schoolmate. But to put it bluntly, her character had not much important at all, actually. Though, in my life, apparently, she is the main character.

Back then, she struck me with this appearance: a cute chubby girl with fake eyelashes. Her makeup wasn’t that thick, but it suited her just fine. Her eyes gleaming lazily, her ponytail was disheveled, her red cheeks faintly brushed, whereas her originally slightly sullen lips maintaining its position. The funniest thing was she hadn’t take a shower before went to the location.

The first line was mine, of course.

“Hello, I’m Aldo.”


What an odd name. But what a cute one also! I thought. A deep meaningful smile constructed slowly inside my mind. My first impression was that she was a cute and nice girl, quite plain, but a bit cranky some times. These combinations led me into the conclusion: I liked her. I really did. Sadly, I got some info about her from her friend, which was the production assistant back then, that she was not single. Broke my heart a bit, yet lit a bit of hope that she might breakup with her boyfriend.

I started contacting her through Facebook. She replied. An IoI or ‘indication of interest,’ as my friend, Daniel, would say. We exchanged YM accounts and numbers, chatted, and finally had a “date,” which was concealed by a meeting with my friend to help her finish her final. After some times, I told her about my feelings toward her, and had an actual “real” date after that.

Eventually, she broke up with her boyfriend, and three days later, she transformed into my life.

Yes, she is cute. Yes, she is actually a nice girl. Well, not plain, evidently. And, oh yes, she’s cranky. Sometimes super cranky.

But, how could you explain love when you are falling into it effortlessly and endlessly? I accept her flaws and give everything I have to help her fix her weakness. I adapt myself to her. I would gladly give everything I have to make her happy.

Sounds lame? Well, lame is because when you read this, you are probably not in the best mood of love. But I am, and as far as I hate pulp romanticism, when it comes to expressing the inexpressible, I, too, have to fall into the conviction. Well, judge me if you want because I won’t mind, but that only proves how much I love her.

So, this explains what I talk about when I talk about G. I love her. And like a lover, I also have expectation towards her, but I won’t cling to it. Each of us have flaws. We could repair it to improve ourselves, but perhaps some flaws won’t change. That’s when love would take over the rest of the things.

Yes, I love her. She’s my life. I don’t know how long this love would last, but for all I care is love is in the air every time.

I love you, G.

That’s all I have to talk about when I talk about G.




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