The Best Day in 27 Years

On September 4th, 2012, I just had my best day in 27 years.

It was an ordinary morning on an ordinary Tuesday. I woke up at around 7. That day, me, my girl G, and some of my best friends agreed to meet up and celebrate the 4th of September 2012. Nothing was actually extraordinary that day.

I somehow managed to Kelapa Gading (North Jakarta) and met with G. We then went to Kelapa Gading Mall and met with Daniel to have lunch at QQ Kopi Tiam. After we did so, G had to finish her work, thus me and Daniel went to Kopi Tiam Oey for a sip of coffee or two.

Later that day, in a short, Gadis joined us and arrived at Blueberry Pancake House in Wahid Hasyim street. Kristianto and Fidelis soon joined us, and, for the sake of a surprise, Sari and Yogi came into the room with a cheese shortcake and 9 candles lit, singing unfinished “Happy Birthday” song.

From G, I got a much-anticipated Solskjaer United’s jersey which she ordered from Old Trafford. The jersey was wrapped up nicely and put inside a box. After I took out the jersey, there was a card under it. And I took it up, and voila. There you go. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 version 7.0.

Now, the reason I write this journal is because of the video G stored inside the tab. It was a very beautiful and touchy photo slideshow with violin instrumental birthday song. And for the first time since I don’t remember when, quite a long time, I suppose, a bulk of tears rushing down my cheeks.

The photos were my lovely family; mother and two brothers: Mario and Fritzky, Mario’s girl Josefhine, G’s grandmother, G’s family, Eta-Phillip-Caithleen (G’s cousin and her family), my friends (in order of appearance, respectively): Fidelis, Gadis, FyntaAkbar, TogeLia, DanielMaya-Aiden, Sari (Yogi’s wasn’t included in the video because of his late submission), and of course, the mastermind herself, G. Too bad Kris‘ photo wasn’t included, like Yogi, because of late submission to G. He did, however, give me a ticket to go to the top of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Well, when I did flashback on what my birthdays were like, I didn’t find one that could be compared with this particular day. Yes, maybe it was because all the presents G gave plus Kris’. Of course, it was also because my best friends were there with me: Gadis, Daniel, Kris, Fidelis, Sari, and Yogi. But the video was the main dish to me. It was the culmination of blissfulness which I have to be thankful of.

Know that it was an ordinary day in an ordinary life of an ordinary man. But also know, that people who attended that night and especially those who appeared in the video made me feel extraordinary.

Thank you, G. I love you so much.

And thank you all friends and family. I love you.


If eternal exists, then my love for all of you is eternal.




With metta,

Winaldo Artaraya Swastia

The ordinary man you all made extraordinary


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